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What is creative dance?


Creative dance allows for self-expression through movement, music, and meaning. Creative dance stimulates creativity, is age appropriate, and encourages skill development.

At Children's Creative Dance we believe every child is a dancer at heart. Children have an innate ability to create. We help foster this creativity by teaching dancers tools and technique so they can create their own dances. 

What makes our studio so special is the creative portion of class. Dancers work with each other, using the technique they learn in class, to create their own choreography. We incorporate various art mediums such as props, story telling, and visual art. This encourages dancers to collaborate rather than compete.

It is our mission to instill your child with a love of dance that they will carry with them throughout their life. 

What is Creative Dance?
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what parents are saying about Children's Creative Dance

"We feel so blessed to have found Children’s Creative Dance Theater. It has completely exceeded everything we hoped a dance program could be, seriously. Miss Megan is so kind and has created such an incredible environment for every child to thrive. Our daughters leave class every week inspired, empowered and confident. We love that all the dances and costumes are modest and age appropriate. We love that Miss Megan is intentional about celebrating creativity and instilling a joy of movement and dance, not only just teaching technique. We couldn’t have found a more incredible fit for our girls and we are so grateful! Miss Megan is the absolute best!"


"My oldest child started at Children’s Creative Dance Theater when she was 5. It was such a breath of fresh air to our dance experience, I enrolled my two younger children and have been attending ever since. We have had such an amazing experience, I have recommended CDT to four other friends who have brought their combined 5 children to her as well. She is kind and smart. She is a beautiful teacher filled with love and joy. My children completely adore Megan and I couldn’t pick anyone better for them to look up to"


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