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At Children's Creative Dance we believe that

every child is a dancer at heart


Our highly-trained teachers encourage creativity and have mastered positive teaching methods to help your child discover the dancer within.  

Are you looking for a safe place for your child to explore movement, nurture creativity, and make friends? Give creative dance a try!

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I truly love Children's Creative Dance Theater with my whole soul. Megan's approach is unlike anything I've ever seen, and here's why. She is a magician with my children. They are three active crazy boys and when they are in dance class they are in a trance. They're moving, they're using props like drums and parachutes. They're saying "yes Miss Megan" and it's unbelievable. I'm ready for Megan to move in with us and teach me everything she knows. Because aside from being a skilled dancer and making the kids feel like a million bucks, her child development game is unmatched.

| Carly |

Our philosophy

We believe that dance should be stimulating, exploratory, and age appropriate. Creative Dance is the perfect place to fall in love with the art of movement

our teachers

Our teachers are qualified, kind, and trained in positive teaching techniques

class schedule

Classes are limited and tend to fill quickly. Click on the link below to see our 2022-2023 season schedule

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